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Connecting the Dots with Data Integration

Connect the Dots

This month our guest blog is from Francois Dorval of C3 Solutions in Montreal. C3 Solutions provide dock scheduling and yard management solutions for logistics companies, retailers, hospitals, and parcel post companies. I met Francois in Boston two years at a conference, we had a lengthy discussion on integration and the challenges companies had tying systems toegther. That conversation prompted me to reach out to Francois and ask him to be a guest blogger for us.

Data Integration: What you May Have Missed- March in Review

Robot Hockey

April showers will hopefully bring May flowers, but if the cold snap we saw in March continues I'm not so sure. We like many of you have been hibernating through the polar vortex and so the team here at VL thought that we would recap some of the interesting stuff that we've been up to in March as well as some of the interesting stuff surrounding ecommerce, integration and data that we found on the web during the month. 

APIs are the EDI of the 21st Century

APIs and Connectors

Think of the last time you ordered something online from say Amazon or your favorite web store.  What was your experience? Did you feel confident about the experience? Surprisingly to many, APIs and data integration played a huge role in the experience. So what are APIs anyway and why are they the EDI of the 21st century? 

Data Integration: Variety and Velocity for the SMB

biz resized 600

Everyone seems to be talking about big data, analytics and data in general these days. And as we have been saying for some time having a data integration strategy that looks critically at data and data usage is key when looking at your business. With this in mind we invited Guy Pearce, managing partner at REData Performance Consulting to enlighten us about the importance of data variety and data velocity for SMBs. 

Charting Tuesday: Using Integration to improve Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Requested Features

In this week's edition of Charting Tuesday we look at the marketing automation features that buyers consider to be the most important when choosing a platform. In the first section we will break down the top features and then we will look at how integration can improve the top 2 in must have features. 

Dx3 Canada 2014 - A Recap

Dx3 2014 generic digest featured resized 600

Tradeshow season has officially begun at VL. E-commerce, digital marketing and retail were the focus once again this year on March 5th and 6th as Dx3 Canada 2014 took over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for two days of speakers, exhibits and some great food from Food Dudes

Data Integration: What you may have missed: February in Review

cloud computing balloons

February seemed to fly by and not just because it is the shortest month of the year. Here in Ontario where VL is headquartered we celebrated Family Day with a long weekend and our US customers celebrated President’s Day. With all these celebrations going on the marketing team at VL put together some highlights of ecommerce and integration stories that we found interesting from our blog and around the web.

3 ways Data Integration can reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

shopping cart abandonment infographic

As E-commerce and online retail continue to grow and more people are purchasing online we also see more and more would be online shoppers abandoning their carts as they go through the check out process. In fact, according to this week's 'Charting Tuesday' infographic approximately 67% of people abandon their shopping cart right before the transaction is completed. 

Ecommerce Integration Cyber Monday Disasters

Old School Integration

We invited the intrepid blogger Nathan Camp from Liaison Technologies back after hearing about his Cyber Monday woes. We felt his experience in online ordering was a lesson in everything ecommerce, including scalability, integration, customer service. You name it it was there.

E-commerce BI: The Importance of Clean Data

BI and Clean Data

Virtual Logistics, and Shea Business Solutions have released the third episode in our multi- episode podcast series on E-commerce Business Intelligence. 

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